Call Taxi is an application used for riding. Users need to register into the app and can search for taxi with single tap, and it’s easy to pay via cash (in selected cities only).
Users can chat with drivers if required and can check the status of ride like how far they are from destination.
Call Taxi can be used anytime anywhere. Download the app and take your first ride today!!
Steps to proceed to Call Taxi:
– Register into the application
– Set your source location & destination location
– Find surrounding Taxi with cost of journey estimation
– If there will be any Taxi available he will accept your request & send acknowledge to you for confirmation
– Once driver reached at source location then he will notify the user that he is available on source location
– User will sit in taxi & journey will begin then
– Once destination is arrived driver will finish the ride & actual ride cost would be generated automatically.
– User will pay fare in cash to Driver.
– User and Driver can provide feedback to each other.

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